Family Support Center

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Family Support Center Mission and Value Statement

Family Support Center Mission Statement:

Family Support Center empowers all individuals, families and communities to live free from domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and interpersonal violence through education, prevention and intervention.

We recognize:

*  The importance of promoting family growth and building healthy relationships

*  Everyone needs and wants help and support at some time during their life

*  Violence can be passed from one generation to the next

*  Violence impacts every member of our community

*  Violence can end for anyone with an open heart and mind

Family Support Center is an equal opportunity agency. Family Support Center celebrates the diversity of all people and does not discriminate in any manner on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, ability, gender identity or expression, or sexual orientation.

Family Support Center

welcomes and affirms

LGBTQ individuals, families and communities.